We use the Hot Bite icons on the chart for offshore species like tuna, dorado, marlin, etc. - species that move around a lot. If there aren't icons on the chart, that means those species aren't around. This is most often the case during the winter and spring months. 

Once those offshore species start showing up later in the spring and through summer and fall, we'll start putting those icons up on the map. They'll automatically appear on all the charts that cover the area where the icon is located.

Also, when there aren't any offshore hot bites, the "Hot Bites" option won't appear in the chart menu. That's normal - it'll automatically show up once we start putting up icons on the chart.

We don't use the icons for coastal or island bites since those bites are much more about local conditions, rather than needing to track fish moving around over dozens of miles day to day.

All the fish reports each day are going into the daily written report here:
This is your best source of info for winter and spring seasons when the focus is on coastal and island action.